Automated Speed Enforcement FAQs

Automated Speed Enforcement is similar to speed enforcement by police officers, in that it uses technological equipment and cameras to detect and record vehicle speeds above a certain threshold. The difference is that the recorded information is later reviewed by a law enforcement officer and a citation is issued to the vehicle owner by mail, rather than an officer pulling a driver over on the road and issuing an instant citation to the driver.
School zones do not automatically exist around schools. School zones must be established by definitive, official action by the authority having jurisdiction over the roadway. A clear definition of a “school zone” must be established by each jurisdiction and/or highway association.
Maryland Law restricts the recording of images in school zones to Monday through Friday, from 6 AM to 8 PM.
Daily, a speed monitoring system operator must successfully perform the manufacturer–specified self–test of the speed monitoring system prior to producing a recorded image. The cameras will only operate if all the components passed the manufacturer–specified self–test.
Maryland Law requires ASE equipment to undergo an annual calibration check performed by an independent calibration laboratory.
Maryland Law dictates that the automated speed enforcement fine may not exceed $40. The citation is a civil penalty, which means that no points are assessed.
Fines can be paid by phone, by web or by mail. Please follow the instructions for payment listed on the citation.
Unpaid citations are subject to additional consequences, including vehicle registration non-renewal or suspension and collection action.
You may contest a citation by requesting a court date. The request form on the back of the citation must be completed and returned no later than five (5) days prior to the due date printed on the citation. The scheduled court date information will be mailed back to the violator.
If you want to request the speed monitoring system operator to be present and testify at the hearing, you are required to mail a separate request in writing no later than twenty (20) days before your scheduled hearing date.
If you, as the registered driver, were not operating the vehicle at the time of infraction and you choose to identify the person who was, you shall provide to the District Court a sworn to and affirmed statement by certified mail. The Statement must indicate you swear or affirm that the person named in the citation was not operating the vehicle and include any corroborating evidence.
The registered owner MUST provide a copy of the police report for the stolen vehicle or plates detailing that the vehicle or tag was stolen prior to the violation.

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