Automated Speed Enforcement FAQs

Automated Speed Enforcement is similar to traditional speed enforcement by police officers, in that it uses technological equipment and cameras to detect and record vehicle speeds above a certain threshold. The difference is that the recorded information is later reviewed by a law enforcement officer and a citation is issued to the vehicle owner by mail, rather than an officer pulling a driver over on the road and issuing an instant citation to the driver.
Systems can be enforced 24/7, as long as an officer is present.
Prior to each day of enforcement a police officer performs functionality test.
The equipment undergoes an annual calibration check annually. Certificate of Calibration is available upon request.
The citation is a civil violation, which means that no points are assessed.
Fines can be paid by web or by mail. Please follow the instructions for payment listed on the citation.
You may request to appear before a Hearing Officer by returning the completed form below prior to the “Due Date” shown on the front of this citation.
If you, as the registered owner, were not operating the vehicle at the time of this infraction and you choose to identify the person who was, you and the vehicle operator shall complete and mail the notarized TRANSFER OF LIABILITY AFFIDAVIT form found on the back of the citation.
Prior to the “Due Date” shown on the front of this notice, mail a copy of the notice of liability and a copy of the police report to the address found on the back of the citation.

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